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Silk Shawl “Ai-Petri”

Silk Shawl “Ai-Petri”

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Silk Shawl

100% Italian silk 

Ukrainian brand

Size: 30*150cm


Silk Shawl “Ai-Petri”

The unique paintings for the Crimean collection were painted by the Crimean Tatar artist Rustem Skybin.
When creating paintings, Rustem relied on the ornaments of Crimean Tatar embroidery, rich in small details, bright colors and different, life-like, plots in which traditional elements of Crimean Tatar culture are embedded. The main message of the plots of the Crimean Tatar collection is the continuation of life on earth, the connection of generations and the preservation of cultural heritage, which is passed from mother to daughter.
There are two main elements in the paintings - a grape leaf, which symbolizes a woman-mother, and an almond grain, which represents a child-girl. This strong connection of generations allowed to preserve the foundation, the cultural gene of the nation, which was subjected to many trials. The traditional Crimean Tatar folk culture is flourishing and reviving, enchanting with mysterious tales, captivating with magical colors and winding oriental patterns.

Immerse yourself in the magical stories of the Crimean Tatar collection with us! With great love for Crimea!

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